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Our Customer Testimonials

Robert oveshki

,This is one of the best software ever, I cant regret purchasing it, I haven add more work

Simon Duenow

I just closed my 3rd interactive video client in 1 week... So I charge $600 per client and deliver with vidjack... less than 2 hours work. With Vidjack, really everything has been a breeze so far. Finally a product that not just delivers, but over delivers on it's promise. Thank you Ifiok & Snapilabs for yet another oscar deserving product.

Cynthia Mutombo

I use smart writer, this is the best software for writers especially for those in marketing field, I use it every day. Less stress, I don't have to sit hours writing. highly recommend it.

Ian Denis

Quick and easy process! I am very happy with how my logo turned out. Very professional and to receive my logo in various high definition formats is above and beyond what I could have asked for. This is a great company and I highly recommend them.

Brenda Ballard

Small businesses rejoice! There is a service that is a) cost efficient; b) extremely responsive; c) detail attentive; d) cost effective; and e) scalable. It’s like having a branding friend who lets you decide who you are, listens carefully, and makes your vision come true. I ordered a professional, editable logo for my coaching business – Fixed Horizons. Try them; you, too, will rejoice for finding them!

Giovani Kelly

Was looking for a company logo browsing the internet but all the sites seemed similar and not what I was looking for. Then I came across online logo makers and I was impressed. Not only was there website easy to use and navigate but they had just what I was looking for, something different. I’m really pleased with the value and the quality of the final product. Thank you.


They created my company's Logo within few hours, these guys are guru. looking forward to do more business with you guys. try them you wont regret.

Stephen Logan

I requested service but they never come back to me, Bad service. employ more staff if you cant handle requests.

Ernest Freddie

Thanks for the service, These guys are Guru, I can see changes on my social platform, more traffics and Joiners then before. the only thing I didn't like is the time it took to set my page for traffic, But I highly recommend the service. Keep up the good work.

John Oliver

I have a marketing video business, I use Video Matic, its Such a pleasure working with these guys, and amazing to see the impact they make in my sale just by using their software.

St Tropez Rugby

I've used Macroxpro a couple of times. Great concept. Shocked at how many options the designers provided. I wish I could have picked more than one winner. Very creative people. that Macroxpro!

Thozama Makha

First time using Macroxpro and couldn't be happier with the results. So patient with all my little changes and easy and very friendly to communicate with throughout. me couldn't be more happy with the whole experience and would 100 percent recommend to anyone. Huge thank you to the team and Maurice especially.

Chantal Owoyi

I've had over 5 logos designed using Macroxpro, and continue to recommend it anytime someone asks me where to get a design done. The amount of submissions you get from designers around the world really help you find the logo that just feels right. It's not just the logo design that you're paying for, but the creative logo ideas you get that you never even considered. The customer service is great, they rally do make sure you're 100% satisfied. I don't usually write reviews, so the fact you're reading dis is a testament to how satisfied I is with the service.

Robert oveshki

,This is one of the best software ever, I cant regret purchasing it, I haven add more work

About Us

Macroxpro Ltd -

Logo Animation & Commercial Marketing Video Productions

MacroXpro Ltd was founded in 2005 by Maurice Kam, a specialist in logo animation and professional video editing. Starting with just two employees, the company quickly expanded and now boasts a team of five talented individuals. Headquartered in the heart of Cape Town, also known as the Mother City, MacroXpro Ltd has experienced rapid growth and continues to flourish.

At MacroXpro Ltd, we place immense effort at the core of every project we undertake. We firmly believe that the shortest path to success lies in hard work and meticulous attention to detail. Our ultimate goal is to align our objectives with yours, ensuring that we work towards achieving your desired outcomes.

In addition to our logo animation and commercial marketing video production services, we also offer marketing tools and the best software available at competitive prices. Our aim is to bring the key to success right into your office, providing you with the necessary tools and resources to excel in your marketing endeavors.

For all your logo animation, commercial video production, and marketing software needs, you can find us at the following address:

15 Pritexe Street, Kenilworth

PO Box 7708

Cape Town Western Cape

South Africa

For further inquiries or to discuss your requirements,

Please contact us at:

Phone: 0721780255