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PursueApp helps you create highly personalized cold-email campaigns. Emails that are 100% organic and targeted and make your lead feel that they are written just for them. Create a warm relationship from the first mail.

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Run Perfectly Designed, Killer Cold Email Campaign That Turn Leads Into Buyers Fast
Works with any lead sourcePursueApp can be combined with any CRM, website, ad campaign, and even manual entry of leads.No matter how you bring in your cold leads, PursueApp will convert them into warm leads and then convert them.

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Maurice Kam

Web developer and graphics designer.

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South Africa

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I am a full-stack developer with five years of experience.I create websites, fix issues, and do migrations.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Cold Email Marketing


Integrates with all mailing systems PursueApp lets you send your emails with every mailing system including Google Workspaces, Gmail, Outlook, Microsoft Exchange, SMTPs, etc. Send your mails with any identity and any mailing system.PursueApp Maximizes Your Sales & Profits With Better Leads Warm Up

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